We're all about teamwork, that's why it's so easy for us to work with new brands. Together we get things done that change the way you think about your business. 

In 2011 I started posting photos on Instagram, and like most millennials, was obsessed with how many likes I could get per post. It wasn’t until 2018, that I began to understand the power of social media marketing and what it meant for brands and what that meant for me. With a Bachelors in Public Relations, I knew that larger agencies didn’t have the time or energy to learn everything there was to know about social media or how to connect to people through social networks. So I began to study social interaction and the ways social media influenced decison-making. I soon realized that I was destined to help brands be more authentic and develop creative ways to connect to and engage real people.

OUR goal is to help brands
develop creative ways to
connect and engage with real
people .



An idea was born out of an absence of diversity in the communications and media industry. We learned as much as we could to solve as many problems as we could discover.


Things started getting real, we were getting degrees and working on the projects of our dreams. We wanted to start doing business, but had no idea of how to get started. 

After refining our services to bridge the communications gap between companies and culture, we expanded into a tight-knit, cozy team.






We're all about having fun, building meaningful connections and working with our clients instead of for them. Are you ready to start creating content that touches people? They might forget your product, but they'll never forget the way YOUR brand made them feel.

Sure, we're a group of badass media pros, but we're looking to grow our family. Are you looking to spend more time doing things you love, like video editing, graphic design, animation, and copywriting? Then pull up a chair, grab a glass and let's get to work! We'd love to meet you.