In a digital world...

We are digitally driven to develop brands and share stories that help others see you how you want to be seen. We serve conscious clients that desire to create a unique experience continuing conversations about their work, impact and mission. Our forward-looking approach to client exposure and retention is based upon ever-changing technological advances that impact the way we communicate. We mindfully integrate  public relations management with strategic digital foot-printing that leaves an online trail worth following.

the social publicist

Professionals have struggled to effectively integrate the internet with traditional marketing resources. Strategically combining the two, Olivia amplifies brands in the news and on social. Fresh ideas and a deep understanding of new platforms and social trends allows Olivia to craft unique solutions for new businesses that engage online audiences. With more than 5 years of experience and certifications with paid and non-paid social, Olivia manipulates social media to work for you. Her methods enhance brand exposure, providing a return on investment beyond media placements and press releases.

speaking enagements

Olivia has expertise in the following subjects areas:
- Digital Footprinting& SEO
- Networking & Personal Advancement
- Leadership & Social Innovation

Born in Detroit. Raised in Detroit.