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One of my favorite events of the summer has made a comeback— R&B Only! It’s hands-down one of THE best slow-jam music tours in North America. This time, Twan and I shared the experience together and had the best time of our lives as a couple.

Have you ever seen a group of Black people sway in unison (other than when Swag Surf comes on)? There were serious R&B vibes, classic family reunion hustles and a WHOLE LOTTA lip-singing.

Some of you might recognize St. Andrews from Eminem’s biopic, 8 Mile, but July 7 it was the venue for one of Detroit’s most sought after slow-jam turn ups, R&B Only. Oldies like Bell,Biv,Devoe’s “Poison” and Trey Songz’s “Dive In” had the crowd rocking and couples “Boo’d up, Boo’d up” all night long. 

The event is hosted by Colors Worldwide, a media group from Nashville, TN that brings only the best R&B throwbacks and recent hits to cities across the nation.

You’ll mainly interact with two people: Dauche and Jabari. Sometimes they bring in guest DJs, but for the most part, it’s just them. Dauche has become one of my favorite female DJs. She knew exactly what the people wanted… and by the people I mean me and everybody who was dripping in sweat from dancing so hard. Major props to Jabari who was on the mic making sure problems were left at the door and good vibes manifested the building. He’s for sure a character; he even threw his Instagram handle out there for the ladies to shoot their shot in the DMs lol.

We were having a stressful week and planning another trip, which sometimes takes the spark out of our relationship, so we decided to snatch up tickets to this event. Exiting the honeymoon phase can be more than emotional and can ultimately end your relationship. It’s the time where you REALLY get to know each other and those true colors begin to shine. I’ve had my fair share of shit-show rainbows, but this time around I’m loving every tint, every color, every hue.

Swaying in each others arms, giggling and catching each other mess up lyrics to our favorite songs, Twan and I were able to see a different part of each other that made us feel more like friends than a couple. Friendship is the most important part of a solid, healthy relationship and events like these give you space (free of judgement) to be silly.

I definitely recommend this event for couples at any stage. It’s a sure way to have fun with one another and find out what those karaoke skills are lookin’ like. If you go, let me know how you liked it and be sure to follow R&B Only at @rnbonly on Instagram.

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About R&B ONLY:

R&B ONLY is a concert/party experience celebrating R&B dance music from the 90s until now. If you’re looking to share this experience with your honey buy your tickets at or hit up Colors to add your city to the tour.



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