A Subtle Start

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Blushing into the new year, I wanted a look that reflected how I plan to see myself at the end of the year. Clean. Feminine. Mobile. I’m fusing feminine energy with masculine business vibes. Though my touch be soft, my decisions are firm.

I’ve said the hell with resolutions and cheers to focusing on being self-motivated and intentional. Most of us make resolutions to fix a singular problem in our lives. Like a revolving door, we cycle from sticking to our plan to giving up on ourselves and ending up in the same exact place. Things get blurry, lines get distorted and we lose sight of who we are and who we want to become.  

I’m proud of my 2017, lessons were learned and endurance was built. I’ve learned to slow down and to think things through to the 100th step and back again and to make decisions based on my intuition rather than my cupidity. In 2018 I’m focusing on creating effective habits and tactfully embarking on a journey towards growth. By making smaller commitments I’m able to develop a routine that will reap lasting benefits.  

Here’s a peak at some of them.  


Sore on Saturday | I’m committing my Saturdays to workouts and wellness. Whether it be Inferno Pilates at Bikram Yoga or a high intensity session at one of Detroit’s new cross-fit gyms, I’m there. My metabolism is slowing down and things aren’t as firm as they used to be. Taking time to tone is going to pay off when it comes time for me to start a family. 

Fresh & Frugal I’m making a habit of going to the market rather than going to the grocery store. A good friend taught me to hit Eastern Market right before close, sellers are willing to drop prices and get rid of most of what they have left. This also means I’ll being shopping for the week. I want my refrigerator to be stocked with prepped meals, not left-over groceries. No wasting food and no wasting money.  


Downsizing my debt | Graduation is approaching and I need to get rid of unnecessary debt before student loans start attacking my bank accounts. Going into the new year with less debt will allow me to do more of what I want. I refuse to work overtime just to afford a domestic flight. No more. Why pay more money over a longer period of time, when I could be live more over a short period of time? 

No spending M-F | Yeah, I thought it was crazy too until my best-friend and accountability partner explained to me that if I grocery shopped on the weekend and meal prepped for the week, I’d have more time to focus on being productive on weekdays. This money saving challenge will result in creating a stable routine that forces me to make the most of my weekends by waking up earlier and make healthier food choices. 


Keeping my own secrets | Moving in silence can be the hardest when you’re excited about new projects and ideas. When your dreams and ideas are released, so is energy. This is the energy used to mobilize power through the process of making it all happen. Other times it invites the toxic criticisms and opinions of others who don’t share your vision. It’s time shut up and learn how to be productive with my mouth closed.

Brand dedication and collaboration | I’m waking up even when I don’t feel like it to produce more content for my blog and brand myself as a publicist and creative. I’m no longer in the business in collaborating with people based off of ideas. It’s their urgency of action I’m using to determine if someone is capable of helping me reach my vision. Bouncing ideas off of so many people this past year and volunteering my time hasn’t really paid off.  

In a nutshell, I’m trying to GLOW the f*%k up. Let me know what you’re planning for the year. Blessings to you, as always and follow me on Instagram @oliviagpearson and Snapchat @theoliviagp to see how well I stick to my word. Until next time; peace and prosperity.Ciao!



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