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…just when I thought I knew it all, I learned another lesson…

Amongst the many opportunities this year has granted me, I have found my personal and professional aspirations come full circle. I no longer feel the pressure to have things “all figured out” nor am I stressing about not having a plan or being prepared for the next thing and I sure-as-heck don’t think I know it all.  I’ve stopped living with the “what-if” mindset and started accepting that I don’t have to have it all figured out. The truth is that I can change what I want to do anytime of the day, any day of the year- and that’s OK! My acumen for life is expanding as I experience the highs and lows and building me to be a better person everyday.

I’m focusing on 200% accountability this year. I am 100% accountable for who and what I choose to have in my life and 100% accountable for trying new things, meeting new people and making new experiences. The 23rd year of my life hadn’t really smacked me too hard in the face, but I can vaguely remember it saying, “…down low, too slow” quite often.

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself— You never know how others may perceive you success. You’ll put yourself in the hospital stressing about that which you cannot control. Be easy.

2. Slow down— Don’t always be in a rush to do, get or have. Enjoy taking things as they come and breathe a little.

3. Your family is your biggest support group— After every heart-ache and every betrayal your family will be there to help you piece yourself back together. With words of encouragement, resolutions and planning families let you know how great you are and that you are stronger than you feel in the moment. Life goes on— so treat them well and spend more time together.

4. Being alone does not equate to loneliness— Allow yourself to have the space  and time to grow on your own and discover new things about yourself.

5. Put a hold on the church bells— Are you really ready to commit? Marriage means compromise, sacrifice and change. No one is perfect and forgiveness is crucial in a successful relationship as well as growing together and getting to know your house as they change and get older. The majority of those married young eventually divorce.

6. Exercise and eat better— “You ain’t no spring chicken” so it’s beneficial to be mindful of what fuel you’re injecting into your body. You want to maintain your strengths and build upon your weaknesses in order to remain fluid and productive.

7. Make time for your passions— You can look good on paper and you can get that raise, but what feeds your soul? As a part of work/life balance passion projects keep us well rounded and involved in different social groups.

8. Say how you feel— Speaking up is the most mature thing you can ever do. No one is a mind reader and you can’t fault them for being unaware of your

9. Learn to let go— With everything you’ve been through in life, realize that chapter has passed and that you need to focus on enjoying the one you’re in.

10. Be okay with walking away— You hate your job, but you’re still showing up everyday? YOU control your future and it is up to YOU change your circumstances.

11. Foster your personal & professional relationships— Eventually your professional relationships become your personal ones. People want to know that you see them for who they are and not just as a “come up”. Ask them about their families, pay attention to their emotions, what vacation plans do they have for the year?

12. Fiscal responsibility & emotional intelligence— You’re earning more than you ever have, but with great fiscal power, comes great responsibility. Make sure your bills are paid before you spend a cent on leisure.

13. You are NOT ready to be a parent!— No matter how much baby fever you have, the reality is that you like your freedom and you need to find satisfaction in your career before you take on motherhood.

14. Don’t get lost in the sauce— Don’t get caught up in impressing people and wanting others to like you. At the end of the day, who and what’s meant for you will come.

15. Dribble the ball— whether it be relationships or employment opportunities, dribbled the ball. Don’t be so available and so eager to say yes, make them realize your value.

16. Brush up on your skills— Dedicate some time during the summer months or any downtime you have throughout the year to learn new skills or improve existing ones.

17. Action & Prayer— Both factors play a part in your blessings, know the appropriate time to use each of them.

18. Tactfulness vs Tackiness— Remember that everything you think, say and do represent your brand and reputation. Learn how to strategically communicate your disappointments or disagreements.

19. Protect your intellectual property— Stop sharing the details of your dreams and ideas with everyone, take time to quiet down and do your own IP research and consult an attorney when necessary.

20. Be careful who you trust— salt and sugar are both white, but boy do they taste different. You should take the time to dig beyond the surface before you open yourself up to others.

21. Either you’re going to do it or you’re not— It’s one thing to be prepared for the worst, but it’s another thing to let you fears hold you back from great opportunities. Learn how to be open to failure and know how to pick yourself back up.

22. Be humble//Sit down— Hop off the high horse before you get bucked off of it. Just because you can’t smell your shit now, doesn’t mean it doesn’t stink. Your blessings can be taken away as quickly as they came to you

23. It’s good to be selfish— Make sure that your mental, emotional and physical needs are met. The world is not concerned with what you’re getting out of the picture, so make sure you maximize your benefits. 

24. You’re beautiful.— Don’t get caught up in the beauty trends of media. Cater to your needs, exercise for your body, and do whatever you need to in order to be comfortable in your own skin. Diversity is glorious, stop trying to conform.

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