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The Truth About Non-Traditional Education

Many of us don’t have the luxury of just going to school carefree, only to worry about about our studies. WE NEED MONEY! And sometimes in order to get that money- that for most of us pays for our college education & living- we have to make sacrifices. Well how do I know if I’m a traditional or non-traditional student? Hmmm..okay. Did you enter college immediately after high school? Do you live on campus? Do you have a meal plan? Do you work less than 30-35 hours week? If the answer is no, then you’re most likely a non-traditional student.

Surviving Your Real Life Priorities

Can you pay my bills? Can you pay my telephone bills? Can you pay my student loan bills?? Bills, Bills, Bills! It’s the one thing that drives us insane. How am I supposed to focus on homework and my grades, if I have bill collectors blowing my phone up during class? So your part time job isn’t cutting it and that seasonal job you’re thinking about applying to just might push you into being labeled as “the late one”- what do you do? Spend less. Be frugal. Play BROKE. Period.

Curating Your Campus Culture

So either you’re on the fence about whether even caring about campus culture or you’re dying to be immersed in it. Either way, your student fees pay for resources on campus, that you may not necessarily keep in mind as a commuter. Make use of the gym! Why pay for gym memberships, when you have nearly unlimited access to equipment on campus?

What Do You Think?

I hope I was able to provide a  little bit of insight. Did I miss anything? Any other solutions? Feel free to chime in! Leave comments down below. Until next time; peace and prosperity.

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